Do you hate seeing your fat face on TV? Know I do.

Makes me ask, if you had the Nancy Pelosi sex appeal, would you want to see yourself on t.v.? Probably if your name was Joy Behar.

I raise this issue, because while many conservatives claim that Pelosi is plotting to destroy america, I say that that fact such a person wants to seen on t.v. is proof in itself, that she is just patently insane.

And while it may be amusingly ironic that a person who resembles a robot, empowers a party of drones, it’s scary when you realize that our silicone speaker is a completely logical metaphor of the nation we have grown to love.

After all, Pelosi’s plastic is no different than Pelosis pork. They both make “the situation” ten times worse.

And the reason we can see her as a symbol of America is because she only sees America as a symbol of herself. That is, something that can never be corrected enough.

But what all this really shows us is just what a sustainable job is – serving the elitist hacks in D.C. After all, there is no one with a more secure job than our Speakers plastic surgeon.

Just looking at her lips can show you how unsustainable the effects are, of a so called sustainable job. Unfortunately, the more we inject America with this legislative collagen, the more likely we lose our freedom of….expression.

Brocall out.