So a week after the infamous Tea Party Invitation, and Keith Olbermann is still pissed about ‘Diversitygate 2k10‘.

Just this Monday he pulled the unpredictable and blogged about it on D-Kos:

“There are in fact 23 minority anchors, free-lancers, paid contributors, and NBC people who appear, on MSNBC. Plus other journalists who are regular unpaid guests. This is standard right wing bullshit: if you’re 99% guilty of a given vice, hide behind the 1% and use the charge against the other guy. If he’s 0% guilty of the same thing, make up something or twist something and pump it out through your sycophants and suddenly it’s “glass houses time.””

Kind of has a point – a screengrab of MSNBC’s homepage is obviously ‘selective editing’ at its finest. When you think about it, his evidence only advances the Tea Parties claim. If NBC is so diverse, it’s even more incredible that not one minority has a show. But what lends the most truth to the rumor is the fact that Keith is still defending himself from this week old internet meme.

Which is exactly why you never tell a fat-joke to a fat girl. The truth comes out in tears. And blame. In this case, the ‘thyroid problem’ being the Mainstream Media:

“The Dallas TP put out a video featuring six count ’em six minorities and noting there were no “black faces” on MSNBC and the gullible msm echoed it for awhile.”

I agree Keith. Seems like there is no end to to the gullible right wing smears of the Mainstream Media…

I guess the Liberal definition of ‘Mainstream Media’ and ‘Mainstream America’ aren’t that different …. They both consist of 10 members!

And the timing of Keith’s departure is coincidentally close to Diversitygate. Which tells me that describing dad’s open infections on air (aka TMI-gate) was more of an instrument in persuading everyone to believe he was telling the ‘whole truth.’ Like the 15 minute description of the dog that ate your homework.

Something tells me Keith is…. rebranding his image to Black America.

Feel like he might reformat Countdown to include a ‘black Alan Colmes’. Maybe even start an interracial relationship with a outspoken African-American woman (Omarossa).

Which according to his own assumptions, is something Middle-America could never forgive him for.