Fox News… Hypocrisy?

If the left had the logic of Gutfeld, they might make an argument similar to this.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Fox News. But they’ve been pretty much ignoring
the Catholic Church molestation scandal. It’s the biggest story of the
week and I haven’t heard it once on O’Reilly or Hannity, who are
Catholic like most reporters at FNC.

Ask yourself: Why does O’Reilly demonize judges who liberate child molesters? I think general
consensus would assume that its for the victimized kids, for justice,
to raise societal awareness, or maybe to increase viewership.

But if O’Reilly doesn’t fight for these causes when injustice is enacted by
people who share his assumptions, then it sheds light on what the true
cause really is – misrepresenting people who disagree, painting
liberals in a negative light.

It’s almost as if the “Far Left Activist Judge” serves the same purpose as “Tea Party Militias.”

Which is a problem, because I thought we weren’t like them.

Conservatives claim Liberalism is a “Godless religion,” and get mad when the MSM
ignores “religious scandals” of the left, like Climategate. The anger
of the right is based on the assumption that a story should be reported
regardless the ‘religion’ it represents. But this justification is
violated when FNC ignores the scandal of their own Catholic religion.

Maybe this just proves that Liberalism really is a religion, and we just have
to accept that each side of media will protect it’s belief. MSNBC/SNN
protects the state, FNC protects the church.

And I’ll take logic a step further and say that FNC favors protecting
the Catholic church over other denominations. They sure don’t mind
reporting on the loons of Westborough “Baptist” Church. Sometimes I
wonder whether their treatment would any different if the churches name
was changed to “St Marys of Westborough.”

But the Left will never explicitly make this case, because they cannot
accept that their ideology is a religion, something belonging only
intolerant zealots. Which they clearly are not!

If they did accept Liberalism as a faith, they would have to accept the possibility
that the intent of their junk science and social justice cause is
rooted in something other than reason. Which is stupidly illogical.
Which they are not!