Its more than a race card. White liberals project their own assumptions of minorities onto the dissent of mainstream America. The two main ironies that I see in the MSNBC diversity hypocrisy:

1) While the diversity of the Tea Party is determined by “whoever shows up,” MSNBC has complete control over the lack of diversity in their lineup. Keith Olbermann has complete control of the lack of diversity of guests on Countdown. Which makes these numbers ironic: The Tea Party has 6% blacks, MSNBC’s nightly lineup is 0% blacks, and Keith Olbermann’s guests are around 3% blacks. (more on that # to come)

MSNBC has less diversity, even though they can determine their diversity!!

2) Usually, diversity comes at a cost. You’re either going to hire to fill quotas, or you’re going to hire to get “the best man for the job.” MSNBC satisfies neither. You think the network with dismal ratings would at least have a decent amount of diversity. It’s not that diverse workplaces cannot be successful, it’s just seems like diversity would be easy objective to achieve if you are satisfied with getting beat three times over by your rival network, which ironically has far more diversity in guests.