When I was at the movies the other night, I found out that a bunch of celebs want me to “Stand Up 2 Cancer.” Which was weird to me, since Hollywood usually endorses cancer, you know, the liberal kind. (yes tasteless, but please read on).

After all, it was April 16, the day after tax day, and so the first thing that came to mind after hearing the “Stand Up” theme was the Tea Party protesters and Obama’s mockery of them. To me, our president was the most obvious metaphor of “cancer” – a disease that “fundamentally transforms” the human body.

But after a while, I realized my metaphor had a more literal interpretation – if our president wants to “fundamentally transform” America, the country whose capitalist system funds research and treatment of cancer to an extent far beyond any other nation on the planet, then standing up to Obama… is standing up to cancer!

Standing against Obama means standing against the man who seeks to implement a third world healthcare plan – the man who hates the evil prosperity of capitalism. The celebs on the PSA are asking for donations from an American audience that is losing money and jobs daily under the crushing deficit of our federal government. Which ironic, considering that all of the PSA’s celebs are avid supporters of the man who perpetually apologizes for the country that’s constantly seeking to cure the cause they’re so devoted too.

But that’s the unspeakable truth – these leftist celebrities embody the opposite of the good cause that they fight for. Just look at America’s increasing debt and declining status in the world. If Hollywood wants to fight for cancer, they should stand up for America, not the people who hate it.