Sometimes I feel that President Barack is pissed that Mother Earth sliced up his Monopoly board into a million pieces. I guess anyone from Hawaii would be especially pissed about that. Pangea makes me think of John Lennon, the man who wished that we lived in a world that had “Nothing to kill or die for.” Seems cool but kind of unrealistic. Especially since John Lennon was fatally shot, and the his producer, Phil Spector, was convicted of 2nd degree murder. Imagine that asshole. Don’t know how there could be a world of no possessions. Seems like things will always be owned by someone. “Imagine” could be the the anthem for the ultimate ponzi scheme. Sometimes I think the Beatles’ popularity was based around some sort of ponzi scheme that created a collective assumption that the Beatles are unquestionably greatest band ever. Like how “American Idiot” was code for everyone who bought “American Idiot.” Like how The Beatles were the only band to successfully produce music that can be digitally remastered every 3 years.”Imagine” is a good song nonetheless. But then again, the better the song, the worse the idea. I think it has something to do with the irrationality of our emotions which music appeals to. I think that’s why everyone liked Obama, he had some sort of emotional connection with people who could relate. I wish our govt would use bomb melodies as a blueprint on how not to run America. I think politicians want “reconnecting the big puzzle” as an amendment of the constitution. Don’t know if TX or AZ would be chill with that. Good luck reconnecting earth President Pangea.