When Rand Paul went on Rachel Maddow show, he made the philosophical argument that the1964 Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional and in theory should be repealed. His argument was based on the idea that either people wouldn’t support a segregated restaurant or the Feds could amend Constitution to make segregation illegal. The assumption he makes is ironically based on a liberal tenet: that society is “evolving,” that people learn over time to empathize with others. It’s a concept someone like Rachel Maddow typically embraces.

Which leads me to ask: if Liberals believe we are an “evolving society,” shouldn’t they be the ones seeking less government intervention into our lives? I mean, as a young child grows older and wiser, don’t his parents usually give him more responsibility and more freedom? It seems a bit odd that it’s the most “liberal” administration ever seeks to take the most amount freedom from the individual.

Truth is, leftists only believe in the evolution of one segment of society: the intellectual class.