So Oliver Stone recently made headlines with his most recent attempt to put Hitler in context. When I say Hitler, I mean Adolf, not the current President of Iran. While this was offensive to many, in an way it strengthened the conservative assumption regarding the fascist dictators that the American lefties love – that in the end, they’re really all the same. Che, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Lenin, Hitler… all slaughtered millions of people in their quest for dictoral dominance.

Stone was merely bringing Hitler down to a more accessible level, but in doing so, put him on the same level that the Left puts all other genocidal dictators on. Relatively speaking, this is exactly where conservatives have always put Hitler – among all other facist dictators.  The only difference is that  the conservative philosophy chooses to brand all genocidal maniacs as inherently evil, rather than put each of them them in their “proper context.”

Truth is, Mao lovers like Anita Dunn are really just having their cake and eating it too. After all, if history tells us anything, its that diversity is not the offspring of a facist dictatorship. I mean if you hate Hitler while embracing Mao, what you essentially imply is that killing 6M jews + 20M Russians is far worse than killing 60M asians. This insinuates that asian genocide was somehow justified, while the caucasian deaths were wrong.

Seems a bit Caucasianist to me.

But that’s modern progressivism for ya. After all, the same darwinist philosophy that gave us Mein Kampf is also the philosophy that drives the modern Left. Its a fact, and it’s why you’ll never see Barry take tough questions from conservative outlets like FNC.