This surprised me. Yes I know Napolitano is a strict Constitutionalist, ideologically most consistent with the Ron Paul Libertarians, many of whom approve of the Wikileaks publication of the classified military documents.

So it’s not ideologically surprising, but still…Napolitano works for Fox News! FNC has never seen a war that they don’t like. Hopefully stuff like this isn’t frowned upon at NewsCorp. I know FNC tolerates opposing views, but Im not sure how tolerant they will be of alternate opinions regarding military matters that come their own.

Seems like the more that the wars make news, the more vibes of irrationality I get from FNC. For instance, just the other night, O’Reilly’s lead off implied that the democrats who voted against the war funding were aligning themselves with the Taliban. Seems a bit irrational to me, a bit Olbermannish if you will. Especially since O’Reilly is someone who generally makes sense, and who continually speaks out against our immense deficit spending.

I know one thing, Judge Napolitano isn’t lying with his “Freedom Watch” label! Decided to DVR his show after watching this. Where do you stand on the Wikileaks stuff? Interesting ideological spit on the issue.

Full Interview: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-talks-afghanistan-on-freedom-watch/