So the Left recently had a field day when Bruce Majors, a “largely unknown Tea Party Blogger,” instructed those going to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” to stay out of certain “ghetto” neighborhoods in DC, and listed the addresses of a bunch of lib politicians.

Luckily, Think Progress incredibly managed to profile the guys life, well almost at least. Unfortunately, they left out the part where Majors donated thousands of dollars to the DNC, which the Daily Beast reported:

According to OpenSecrets.org, he’s donated about $15,000 to Democrats since 2000, including a $10,000 donation to the DNC in 2000, a $500 donation to Howard Dean in 2003, and a $1,000 donation to John Kerry in 2004. His only recent contribution to a Republican candidate was $250 in 2002 to retired Rep. Jim Kolbe, then lone openly gay Republican in Congress.

Which would of been good to know. But really, who would ever have thought that a political donation history would be relevant in determining someone’s political leanings? Didn’t need it anyway. After all, if you’ve ever seen a segment of Countdown, then you know that nobody is more credible than a ‘largely unknown blogger,’ hello Ezra Klein.

In matter of fact, the only person more credible than than an irrelevant liberal on MSNBC, is an irrelevant Tea Party blogger. That’s why the irrelevant liberal is merely used as an opinion, while the rhetoric and actions of the irrelevant conservative is exalted as undisputed evidence.

So here’s why I think it’s backwards:

The MSM will never ask questions that could lead to the challenging of their own assumptions. They will never ask, “is conservatism objectively racist,” because the question assumes that an ideology can be racist, which is what they believe about conservatism. Problem is, this opens up the door for the opposition to deny the charge and impose the next logical question, “is progressivism objectively racist?”

Which is an inconvenient debate for the network preaches progress but has no minority commentators, inconvenient for the party that opposed civil rights, and inconvenient for the ideology that has the same social darwinist ideology that gave birth to the Third Reich.

So the MSM will continually distort the truth of intent behind individual actions, because they have to. The more you question others, the less you question yourself. The more you challenge the individual, the less you challenge the collective. The more you challenge emotion, the less you challenge reason.