I have been noticing an odd correlation with the news and Hollywood stories lately, so I did some research.


10/19/87 – Black Monday (Stock Market Crash)
12/11/87 – Wall Street Released in Theatres

9/18/07 – Wall Street 20th Anniversary Edition Released on DVD
10/2007 – Start of Great Recession

8/17/10 – Michael Douglas Announced Cancerous Tumor in Throat (Update: stage 4 with 80% chance of survival…)
9/7/10 – Wall St. Insider Trading Edition Released on DVD
9/24/10 – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps releases in theaters. (Release date has moved from 2/2010, to 4/21/2010, to 9/24/10)

9/??/10 – Stock Market Crash 2010…???


3/19/10 – Repo-Men Released in Theatres (anti-healthcare insurance company movie)
3/22/10 – Health Care Passed

Repo-Men his was by far was the most interesting of my finds.
Repo-Men was originally supposed to come out in 2009. (August deadline anyone?). Apparently it was delayed a ton, even though post-production had started way back in January of 2008.
In July 2009, Universal updated their schedule of movie release dates. Repo-Men was scheduled for the “1st Quarter of 2010.” It was the only movie in the press release mentioned that was not assigned a specific release date.
Later on in the year, Repo-Men got scheduled to release on April 2nd. However, in early February, release was oddly moved up, to March 22nd.

I actually found a review that mentioned this coincidence:

The timing of this movie’s release is eerie. Originally scheduled for April 2, it was instead released March 19, the same weekend that the US Congress scheduled a vote on Health Care Reform. Coincidence? Maybe, but this film could be considered a vision to what could happen if HCR fails (or succeeds, depending on how you want to look at it). No, cities won’t turn into a Blade Runner landscapes, but a corporation does finds a way to make its “customers” live on borrowed time… literally and figuratively… while they profit.


*6/29/10 – 10 Russian Spies Arrested in U.S. (Remember, one was a hot chick)
7/23/10 – Salt starring Angelina Jolie released at Theaters (Jolie starred as one of multiple Russian spies planted in America, sounds like a familiar huh?).

Yes, very speculative, but look at this:…

Here’s some other coincidental dates I found:

3/17/10 – Bombshell Mcghee photos with Sandra Bullock’s Husband
3/23/10 – Blind Side DVD Release

5/21/10 – Bret Michael’s Re-Hospitalized for Stroke
5/23/10 – Michael’s Gives Winning Performance on Season finale of Celebrity Apprentice

8/17/2010 – Police Reports Reveal Brittany Murphy’s Mom Sharing Bed with Simon Monjack, surviving husband of her deceased daughter.
8/24/10 – Release date of Brittany Murphy’s Final film on DVD