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    OBAMA ON BECK, 8/28 


    I feel like NBC moved Obama closer to the camera to make him look bigger. Gotta love Brian Williams’ first description of the 8/28 Rally as being “anti-government.” Nothing new I guess. Here’s his interview with George Bush in 2006.

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    So the Left recently had a field day when Bruce Majors, a “largely unknown Tea Party Blogger,” instructed those going to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” to stay out of certain “ghetto” neighborhoods in DC, and listed the addresses of a bunch of lib politicians.

    Luckily, Think Progress incredibly managed to profile the guys life, well almost at least. Unfortunately, they left out the part where Majors donated thousands of dollars to the DNC, which the Daily Beast reported:

    According to OpenSecrets.org, he’s donated about $15,000 to Democrats since 2000, including a $10,000 donation to the DNC in 2000, a $500 donation to Howard Dean in 2003, and a $1,000 donation to John Kerry in 2004. His only recent contribution to a Republican candidate was $250 in 2002 to retired Rep. Jim Kolbe, then lone openly gay Republican in Congress.

    Which would of been good to know. But really, who would ever have thought that a political donation history would be relevant in determining someone’s political leanings? Didn’t need it anyway. After all, if you’ve ever seen a segment of Countdown, then you know that nobody is more credible than a ‘largely unknown blogger,’ hello Ezra Klein.

    In matter of fact, the only person more credible than than an irrelevant liberal on MSNBC, is an irrelevant Tea Party blogger. That’s why the irrelevant liberal is merely used as an opinion, while the rhetoric and actions of the irrelevant conservative is exalted as undisputed evidence.

    So here’s why I think it’s backwards:

    The MSM will never ask questions that could lead to the challenging of their own assumptions. They will never ask, “is conservatism objectively racist,” because the question assumes that an ideology can be racist, which is what they believe about conservatism. Problem is, this opens up the door for the opposition to deny the charge and impose the next logical question, “is progressivism objectively racist?”

    Which is an inconvenient debate for the network preaches progress but has no minority commentators, inconvenient for the party that opposed civil rights, and inconvenient for the ideology that has the same social darwinist ideology that gave birth to the Third Reich.

    So the MSM will continually distort the truth of intent behind individual actions, because they have to. The more you question others, the less you question yourself. The more you challenge the individual, the less you challenge the collective. The more you challenge emotion, the less you challenge reason.

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    The case for Obamacare.

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    So Oliver Stone recently made headlines with his most recent attempt to put Hitler in context. When I say Hitler, I mean Adolf, not the current President of Iran. While this was offensive to many, in an way it strengthened the conservative assumption regarding the fascist dictators that the American lefties love – that in the end, they’re really all the same. Che, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Lenin, Hitler… all slaughtered millions of people in their quest for dictoral dominance.

    Stone was merely bringing Hitler down to a more accessible level, but in doing so, put him on the same level that the Left puts all other genocidal dictators on. Relatively speaking, this is exactly where conservatives have always put Hitler – among all other facist dictators.  The only difference is that  the conservative philosophy chooses to brand all genocidal maniacs as inherently evil, rather than put each of them them in their “proper context.”

    Truth is, Mao lovers like Anita Dunn are really just having their cake and eating it too. After all, if history tells us anything, its that diversity is not the offspring of a facist dictatorship. I mean if you hate Hitler while embracing Mao, what you essentially imply is that killing 6M jews + 20M Russians is far worse than killing 60M asians. This insinuates that asian genocide was somehow justified, while the caucasian deaths were wrong.

    Seems a bit Caucasianist to me.

    But that’s modern progressivism for ya. After all, the same darwinist philosophy that gave us Mein Kampf is also the philosophy that drives the modern Left. Its a fact, and it’s why you’ll never see Barry take tough questions from conservative outlets like FNC.

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      So Obama not fielding hard questions from FNC, which is really not true, means he is a genocidal dictator

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    If the liberal media uses one protester sign as proof the tea party is “racist,” shouldn’t the media also support deporting all illegals after only one commits murder..? Or maybe after an even more atrocious crime, like being the janitor that walks in on Olbermann and the pencil sharpener. It would explain MSNBC’s diverse lineup. Or maybe it has something to do with that “historic” healthcare legislation that is soo much popular than the “controversial” immigration law…

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    Thank God Sean Penn admitted our military was doing good work in Haiti. We can only hope that Hugo finds a new place to stay.

    But there is a deeper unspeakable truth being revealed here by Penn, which is that the left never recognizes an american humanitarian effort, until Anderson Cooper saves a black kid on camera.

    Unlike Bush’s aids relief for Africa, this American act of kindness cannot go over looked by the left. Why? Because unfortunately while sick Africans got buried underground, the Haitians were buried above it.

    Its a truth that transforms this doorstep disaster into an inconvenient catastrophe for a relativist ideology that only counts an American act of nobility when it takes place in their own backyard, a place too close to invite Hugo Chavez and the communist consensus that continues to be preoccupied with labeling the humanitarian effort as an imperialist occupation.

    And it kinda sheds some light on how liberals  have convinced the world that America is evil, by manipulating the emotional disconnect that naturally exists between the hearing of a tragedy and actual witness of it.

    Just think about it. If Americans were able to see innocent Iraqi women being raped beaten and executed, liberals would rethink using the war as a political tool. If activist judges were forced to actually witness the ass-rape of the victimized kids that sit in their courtroom, they would probably rethink just giving probation. And If we could meet the millions of Africans who love America for the lives that our taxdollars helped save, I’m sure we would even view ourselves a bit different.

    But Lib elites like Penn only buckle to reason when they witness a reality that cannot hide in a cave or womb. Becoming enlightened with the logic of Americas greatness only covers up for what he should really say, which is that his leftist worldview is completely upside down, maybe even that Evil Bush Hitler wasn’t all that bad.

    Brocall out!

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    Do you hate seeing your fat face on TV? Know I do.

    Makes me ask, if you had the Nancy Pelosi sex appeal, would you want to see yourself on t.v.? Probably if your name was Joy Behar.

    I raise this issue, because while many conservatives claim that Pelosi is plotting to destroy america, I say that that fact such a person wants to seen on t.v. is proof in itself, that she is just patently insane.

    And while it may be amusingly ironic that a person who resembles a robot, empowers a party of drones, it’s scary when you realize that our silicone speaker is a completely logical metaphor of the nation we have grown to love.

    After all, Pelosi’s plastic is no different than Pelosis pork. They both make “the situation” ten times worse.

    And the reason we can see her as a symbol of America is because she only sees America as a symbol of herself. That is, something that can never be corrected enough.

    But what all this really shows us is just what a sustainable job is – serving the elitist hacks in D.C. After all, there is no one with a more secure job than our Speakers plastic surgeon.

    Just looking at her lips can show you how unsustainable the effects are, of a so called sustainable job. Unfortunately, the more we inject America with this legislative collagen, the more likely we lose our freedom of….expression.

    Brocall out.

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