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  • broliath 9:29 am on April 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Forget Palin, the Tea Party needs to sign this woman. She’s GENUIS. (That is, if she’s being satirical. Which I am pretty sure she is.)

    • sarainitaly 4:22 pm on April 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      that is too funny!

    • drewby7777 2:40 am on April 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that you think this is satirical, but do you have any other info on this woman? Could this be real? I have experienced real people with this same attitude about receiving “benefits” from the gov’t. They are out there, make no mistake.

      • broliath 2:57 am on April 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Can’t remember her name, all I remember is that she said on her page that she hated people that get free stuff..

        • Edd Bernard 12:38 pm on April 27, 2010 Permalink

          This is too funny.

    • frydaddyx 3:13 am on April 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Girl got the big ole titties

    • Juan Torres 5:19 am on April 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Keep voting for Democrats and their entitlements because if this is true or not this is what Obama and his Democrat buddies want to create. This is a picture of what America is heading towards… it has already begun. Vote out the democrats!!! We can still save America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • broliath 7:29 am on April 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Thought this was interesting since “it’s never been said before.” Who knows what “the truth about Waco” is. Hopefully it’s not a euphemism for something that happened between Bill and Janet at the Red Roof Waco.

  • broliath 11:38 pm on April 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    A RAMBLE ON “WE”… 

    Bill Clinton had a NYT editorial today:

    “Fifteen years ago, the line was crossed in Oklahoma City. In the current climate, with so many threats against the president, members of Congress and other public servants, we owe it to the victims of Oklahoma City, and those who survived and responded so bravely, not to cross it again.”

    Funny when people use “we” in reference to one person tasks.  “We” is basically a nice way to tell someone that they need to get off their ass. It adds the small dose of self-deprication that strips condescension of its condescending tone.

    “We” acknowledges truth without confronting contradiction. It assumes truth without debating truth’s implications. After all, it’s easier to say “we’ve all been guilty” instead of explaining where your convictions have been for the last 10 years. Thanks Bill.

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  • broliath 7:13 pm on April 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Its more than a race card. White liberals project their own assumptions of minorities onto the dissent of mainstream America. The two main ironies that I see in the MSNBC diversity hypocrisy:

    1) While the diversity of the Tea Party is determined by “whoever shows up,” MSNBC has complete control over the lack of diversity in their lineup. Keith Olbermann has complete control of the lack of diversity of guests on Countdown. Which makes these numbers ironic: The Tea Party has 6% blacks, MSNBC’s nightly lineup is 0% blacks, and Keith Olbermann’s guests are around 3% blacks. (more on that # to come)

    MSNBC has less diversity, even though they can determine their diversity!!

    2) Usually, diversity comes at a cost. You’re either going to hire to fill quotas, or you’re going to hire to get “the best man for the job.” MSNBC satisfies neither. You think the network with dismal ratings would at least have a decent amount of diversity. It’s not that diverse workplaces cannot be successful, it’s just seems like diversity would be easy objective to achieve if you are satisfied with getting beat three times over by your rival network, which ironically has far more diversity in guests.

  • broliath 12:48 am on April 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Can’t believe Stephen A. Smith hit me back on the twitteroni. Feelin like a relevant political blogger. He doesn’t seem to worried about the lack of diversity at MSNBC. He’s probably too busy doin his thing. I think Stephen A. could replace anyone on MSNBC and be successful. But I think he might be too independent. He may not agree with Keith Olbermann 100% of the time. He probably wouldn’t approve of the racial segregation of MSNBC blogs (via thegrio.com). Stephen A. could replace Greta Van/Shepherd Smith/Bret Baier. People who shout logical statements are meant for political shows, not ESPN. Thinking about starting a campaign for Stephen A. Smith.

  • broliath 1:23 am on April 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: HOLLYWOOD   


    If your argument requires you to humanize terrorists, strip naked in downtown Dallas, produce a 3D cartoon with blue aliens, or skinny-dip in a hot tub with Hugo Chavez… it’s probably not a good idea.

    Because if it was a good idea, odds are, it already exists. That’s the beauty of capitalism – it doesn’t reward bad ideas, unless it’s a ‘make believe bad idea.’ Then its called a movie. Fairy tales are what Hollywood does best, which is why it’s the only place where stupidity is profitable.

    But a movie is an escape away from reality, not to it. Unfortunately, real people occupy this neverland we escape to.

    Which is why the dumber/unrealistic the movie, the more money it makes. Think about it, Truther 911 was by far the most profitable Michael Moore flick. Capitalism, on the other hand, bombed. It was based around the idea that the Government shouldn’t have bailed out Wall St. Something alot of Americans can agree on. And Avatar outsold Titanic, hello James Cameron. Definitely need more examples though.

    Hollywood prides itself most on what it perceives as challenging assumptions of the common man. But if you challenge a common assumption, you most likely are challenging common sense. And if you challenge common sense, you probably are challenged by it.

  • broliath 4:11 am on April 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    How to Stream Conservative Talk Radio thru iTunes 

    Go here:

    Click “tune in.”

    Open the downloaded file with iTunes

  • broliath 6:52 pm on April 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Fox News… Hypocrisy? 

    If the left had the logic of Gutfeld, they might make an argument similar to this.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Fox News. But they’ve been pretty much ignoring
    the Catholic Church molestation scandal. It’s the biggest story of the
    week and I haven’t heard it once on O’Reilly or Hannity, who are
    Catholic like most reporters at FNC.

    Ask yourself: Why does O’Reilly demonize judges who liberate child molesters? I think general
    consensus would assume that its for the victimized kids, for justice,
    to raise societal awareness, or maybe to increase viewership.

    But if O’Reilly doesn’t fight for these causes when injustice is enacted by
    people who share his assumptions, then it sheds light on what the true
    cause really is – misrepresenting people who disagree, painting
    liberals in a negative light.

    It’s almost as if the “Far Left Activist Judge” serves the same purpose as “Tea Party Militias.”

    Which is a problem, because I thought we weren’t like them.

    Conservatives claim Liberalism is a “Godless religion,” and get mad when the MSM
    ignores “religious scandals” of the left, like Climategate. The anger
    of the right is based on the assumption that a story should be reported
    regardless the ‘religion’ it represents. But this justification is
    violated when FNC ignores the scandal of their own Catholic religion.

    Maybe this just proves that Liberalism really is a religion, and we just have
    to accept that each side of media will protect it’s belief. MSNBC/SNN
    protects the state, FNC protects the church.

    And I’ll take logic a step further and say that FNC favors protecting
    the Catholic church over other denominations. They sure don’t mind
    reporting on the loons of Westborough “Baptist” Church. Sometimes I
    wonder whether their treatment would any different if the churches name
    was changed to “St Marys of Westborough.”

    But the Left will never explicitly make this case, because they cannot
    accept that their ideology is a religion, something belonging only
    intolerant zealots. Which they clearly are not!

    If they did accept Liberalism as a faith, they would have to accept the possibility
    that the intent of their junk science and social justice cause is
    rooted in something other than reason. Which is stupidly illogical.
    Which they are not!

  • broliath 2:02 am on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    CNN Blames Beck for Militias 

  • broliath 2:00 am on March 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    CNN’s Rick Sanchez Smears Tea Party 

  • broliath 2:14 am on March 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Laura Inghram Funny Stuff 

  • broliath 10:26 pm on March 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Stories 3.5 

    Star Wars WWII Propoganda..(via RetroBlog)

    White Dude Quits MSNBC..

    Jay-Z in the ‘House’..

    Roger Ailes Interviewed..

    FNC Women go Mnstrm..(via JD)

  • broliath 5:18 am on March 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    So a week after the infamous Tea Party Invitation, and Keith Olbermann is still pissed about ‘Diversitygate 2k10‘.

    Just this Monday he pulled the unpredictable and blogged about it on D-Kos:

    “There are in fact 23 minority anchors, free-lancers, paid contributors, and NBC people who appear, on MSNBC. Plus other journalists who are regular unpaid guests. This is standard right wing bullshit: if you’re 99% guilty of a given vice, hide behind the 1% and use the charge against the other guy. If he’s 0% guilty of the same thing, make up something or twist something and pump it out through your sycophants and suddenly it’s “glass houses time.””

    Kind of has a point – a screengrab of MSNBC’s homepage is obviously ‘selective editing’ at its finest. When you think about it, his evidence only advances the Tea Parties claim. If NBC is so diverse, it’s even more incredible that not one minority has a show. But what lends the most truth to the rumor is the fact that Keith is still defending himself from this week old internet meme.

    Which is exactly why you never tell a fat-joke to a fat girl. The truth comes out in tears. And blame. In this case, the ‘thyroid problem’ being the Mainstream Media:

    “The Dallas TP put out a video featuring six count ’em six minorities and noting there were no “black faces” on MSNBC and the gullible msm echoed it for awhile.”

    I agree Keith. Seems like there is no end to to the gullible right wing smears of the Mainstream Media…

    I guess the Liberal definition of ‘Mainstream Media’ and ‘Mainstream America’ aren’t that different …. They both consist of 10 members!

    And the timing of Keith’s departure is coincidentally close to Diversitygate. Which tells me that describing dad’s open infections on air (aka TMI-gate) was more of an instrument in persuading everyone to believe he was telling the ‘whole truth.’ Like the 15 minute description of the dog that ate your homework.

    Something tells me Keith is…. rebranding his image to Black America.

    Feel like he might reformat Countdown to include a ‘black Alan Colmes’. Maybe even start an interracial relationship with a outspoken African-American woman (Omarossa).

    Which according to his own assumptions, is something Middle-America could never forgive him for.

  • broliath 10:53 pm on February 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Countbrown Made Newsbusters

    Much love today for the Congressional Black Caucus that called out NBC on their lack of diversity. Glad to see groups on the left willing to act on the behalf of the right-leaning blogs that want REAL change we can believe in. Proving once again, change has no color!
    Much love to Newsbusters for featuring @Countbrown with Keith Olbermann’s Conscience!

  • broliath 6:04 am on February 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply  


    Feel bad that I made this. Kinda messed up. Maybe someday I can make it right and politicize my dad’s deathbed on tv.

    I wish Keith Olbermann were my doctor. I’m sure  he’d operate for free, later telling me all about it on the bus ride home. Probably would hook me up with some sweet painkillers.

    Which is a weird reality, only because every doctor I have ever met seems much more pleasant than Olbermann. Must be all of that money they’re taking from me.

  • broliath 8:55 pm on January 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Beck calls Jay-Z Uncle Tom.. 

  • broliath 8:54 pm on January 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Beastly Pau Gasol 

  • broliath 8:51 pm on January 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Beck jealous of Scotty Brown 

    Clearly he is..

    (More …)

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