If your argument requires you to humanize terrorists, strip naked in downtown Dallas, produce a 3D cartoon with blue aliens, or skinny-dip in a hot tub with Hugo Chavez… it’s probably not a good idea.

Because if it was a good idea, odds are, it already exists. That’s the beauty of capitalism – it doesn’t reward bad ideas, unless it’s a ‘make believe bad idea.’ Then its called a movie. Fairy tales are what Hollywood does best, which is why it’s the only place where stupidity is profitable.

But a movie is an escape away from reality, not to it. Unfortunately, real people occupy this neverland we escape to.

Which is why the dumber/unrealistic the movie, the more money it makes. Think about it, Truther 911 was by far the most profitable Michael Moore flick. Capitalism, on the other hand, bombed. It was based around the idea that the Government shouldn’t have bailed out Wall St. Something alot of Americans can agree on. And Avatar outsold Titanic, hello James Cameron. Definitely need more examples though.

Hollywood prides itself most on what it perceives as challenging assumptions of the common man. But if you challenge a common assumption, you most likely are challenging common sense. And if you challenge common sense, you probably are challenged by it.