Thank God Sean Penn admitted our military was doing good work in Haiti. We can only hope that Hugo finds a new place to stay.

But there is a deeper unspeakable truth being revealed here by Penn, which is that the left never recognizes an american humanitarian effort, until Anderson Cooper saves a black kid on camera.

Unlike Bush’s aids relief for Africa, this American act of kindness cannot go over looked by the left. Why? Because unfortunately while sick Africans got buried underground, the Haitians were buried above it.

Its a truth that transforms this doorstep disaster into an inconvenient catastrophe for a relativist ideology that only counts an American act of nobility when it takes place in their own backyard, a place too close to invite Hugo Chavez and the communist consensus that continues to be preoccupied with labeling the humanitarian effort as an imperialist occupation.

And it kinda sheds some light on how liberals  have convinced the world that America is evil, by manipulating the emotional disconnect that naturally exists between the hearing of a tragedy and actual witness of it.

Just think about it. If Americans were able to see innocent Iraqi women being raped beaten and executed, liberals would rethink using the war as a political tool. If activist judges were forced to actually witness the ass-rape of the victimized kids that sit in their courtroom, they would probably rethink just giving probation. And If we could meet the millions of Africans who love America for the lives that our taxdollars helped save, I’m sure we would even view ourselves a bit different.

But Lib elites like Penn only buckle to reason when they witness a reality that cannot hide in a cave or womb. Becoming enlightened with the logic of Americas greatness only covers up for what he should really say, which is that his leftist worldview is completely upside down, maybe even that Evil Bush Hitler wasn’t all that bad.

Brocall out!